The taxation issues you need to consider for both unincorporated and corporate businesses.

Concise information on the tax concerns that both unincorporated and corporate firms must consider. To get to the essential information, click on the links below.

Business motoring - tax aspects

This brief focuses on the present tax situation for business motoring, which is a major concern for many companies.

Capital allowances

The cost of purchasing capital equipment for a business is not deductible as a business expense. Capital allowances, on the other hand, provide tax reduction on certain capital expenditures.

Cash basis for the self-employed

Small unincorporated businesses can calculate their profits for tax purposes on a cash basis rather than the normal accruals basis.

Companies - tax saving opportunities

Tax planning for the end of the year is crucial, and this brief highlights some of the most critical aspects.

Corporation tax - quarterly instalment payments

Large corporations are expected to pay their corporation tax in four quarterly instalments under self-assessment.

Corporation tax self assessment

This factsheet describes how to file your business’s tax return and pay the taxes owed.

Fixed rate expenses

Unincorporated enterprises have the option of using a fixed-rate expense system.

Homeworking costs for the self-employed

This factsheet will summarise the homeworking costs you can claim for tax purposes if you are self-employed and work from home.


Considerations for starting a business after incorporation.