Concise information on a variety of topics relevant to an individual.

Concise information on a number of issues that are important to a person. To view the necessary datasheet, click on the links below.

Charitable giving

If you give to UK charities through Gift Aid, through a Payroll Giving scheme, or by giving shares or land, you can earn tax benefit.

Child Benefit charge

Information about the High Income Child Benefit fee, which applies to taxpayers who earn more than £50,000 in a tax year and get Child Benefit for themselves or their partner.

Dividends and interest

This factsheet considers the Savings and Dividends Allowances.

Enterprise Investment Scheme

We investigate how eligible businesses can obtain equity investment from new and, in certain situations, existing investors.

Individual Savings Accounts

ISAs are tax-exempt savings accounts available to individuals.

Non-domiciled individuals

An overview of how income earned outside the UK is taxed in the UK for non-domiciled individuals.

Personal tax - self assessment

Individuals who use self-assessment must ensure that their tax due is estimated and that any tax owed is paid on time.

Personal tax - when is income tax and capital gains tax payable?

When important tax payments under Self Assessment are due, get advice.

Property investment - buy to let

We look at the essential areas of property investment, including rental revenue as well as all other costs and outgoings.

Property investment - tax aspects

Property investment is still a popular type of investment. What tax considerations should you make based on the fact that the investment appears to be profitable?

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme

This is typically an area that attracts start-up enterprises and people who invest in them. We’ll look at why this is the case and what you should do about it.

Taxation of the family

We highlight the most important factors to consider when tax planning for family members and lowering tax liabilities.