A round up of some specialist areas from Money Laundering to Charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs.

Money Laundering, Charities, and Community Amateur Sports Clubs are just a few of the subjects covered in this roundup.

Charities in England and Wales: trustees' responsibilities

Serving as a trustee for a charity is frequently regarded as an honour and an opportunity to give back to the community.

Charities in Scotland: trustees' responsibilities

We look at the different aspects of being a Scottish Charity Trustee, with a focus on the accounting and auditing obligations.

Community amateur sports clubs

Many local amateur sports groups become Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) with HMRC and qualify for a variety of tax benefits, including Gift Aid


We look at the different choices and how they affect personal and corporate insolvency.

Limited liability partnerships

The key features of a Limited Liability Partnership.

Money laundering

We describe the steps to be followed in order to comply with the anti-money laundering legislation.